Lebeda Resophonic Guitars

Lebeda is becoming one of the most respected and sought after names in acoustic fretted instruments.
Here is what musicians and dealers are saying about Lebeda Resophonic Guitars:

“The Lebeda Resonator Guitar has good volume, a rich bass and a very sweet tone up the neck. At this price, these hand crafted resonator guitars are excellent! The Lebeda Square Neck Resonator Guitar is an excellent value in this price range. This hand built instrument is beautiful, effortless to play, and produces a very clear, bell like, tone quality. It compares very favorably in quality and tone with much higher priced resonator guitars. Interestingly, this instrument is hand built by Jiri Lebeda in the birthplace of the Dopyera brothers, who invented the original Dobros. The overall design follows the original 1920s design, but with a few changes more in keeping with top of the line resonator guitars being built in the 21st century.

The cone is a Dobro-style cone with a spider bridge assembly made by Jiri Lebeda. He previously used the Quarterman Cone, but now spins his own cone, which is a stronger alloy and thinner for more volume. A Quarterman cone is interchangeable. There is no sound well inside the Lebeda. In this way, the construction is similar to the Scheerhorn Resonator Square Neck, which is one of the top of the line square necks made today, using sound posts, instead. The top has an extra layer of laminate around the cone for support.

Overall, this is a well constructed, excellent playing resonator guitar with a really good sound. It compares favorably with some of the best resonator guitars made today, and which sell for much more.” – Janet Davis Music


“Czech builder Jiri Lebeda is known for building quality resonator guitars that are also easy on the budget. His instruments are modeled on the classic Dobros of the 1930s, and they retain the sound as well as the look. One doesn't ordinarily associate bluegrass instruments with the Czech Republic, but consider that the region has a very long tradition of violin-making, along with a fanatical hard core of bluegrass fans and musicians”. – Spruce Tree Music

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