Testimonials & Endorsements

Lebeda Instruments are owned and played by casual pickers and profession musicians alike for their value, fine quality and superb tone.

AndyLeftwichAndy Leftwich of Kentucky Thunder
records and performs with a
Lebeda "FM5" mandola

SCherryholmesJeffCSandy Cherryholmes (www.cherryholmesfamilyband.com)
performs with a Lebeda “FM4” mandola. Sandy is pictured
here with Jeff Cowherd, Lebeda U.S distributor.

SCherryholmesJeffC1Joe Booher (www.theboohers.com) perform and records
with a Lebeda “FM5” mandola. You can hear Joe playing
the full line of Lebeda-family instruments on a recording
of "
Whiskey Before Breakfast" like you've never heard
it before.
Listen to the Mp3 file here...

SCherryholmesJeffC1aRoland White, formerly of The Kentucky Colonels,
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys, Nashville Grass
and now with The Nashville Bluegrass Band,
puts a Lebeda "Jazz-5" to the test.

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