About Lebeda...

Jirí Lebeda has been making fine handcrafted musical instruments since 1978. As a professional musician in one of the most famous bluegrass bands in the Czech republic, he found that no bluegrass instruments were available on the Eastern-European market at the time. Being a craftsman and Mechanical Engineer, Jiri began to make mandolins first for himself and then for his friends playing in other bands in the area.

Because no private businesses were allowed in the Czech (socialist) Republic when Jiri started, he was forced to work at his craft only part-time until 1989 when restrictions were lifted. The Czech Republic and surrounding area has had a longstanding tradition of making musical instruments since the 16th century right along with Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Since 1990, Jiri has been able to market his mandolins and resophonic guitars on the international market hoping to become a trusted provider of quality, handcrafted instruments not only in the Czech Republic, but in the United States as well as the rest of the world.

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